A New Shore

I set a course for a new shore
It felt the same as the one before
And I forgot what I had been sailing for
And why I thought this time could be different

New year, new stuff to start thinking about. And it’s time to stop sitting back and waiting for stuff to happen. Over the next few months we’ve got more than enough stuff to keep us busy:

  • Kitchen refurbishment has finally been started. All the old units have been ripped out and new, shiny ones installed. Annoyingly one of our custom-made worktops is damaged, so we’re going to have to wait for that to be replaced before tiling.
  • Just three months to go before the nursery has to be ready. Depending on when the kitchen ends up going in I suspect I’ll end up doing that sooner rather than later…
  • The garden fence was damaged by the recent storms. I’ll need to sort out getting that fixed sooner rather than later…

On top of that (and to try to get the most of my new kitchen, when it arrives), I’m trying to do more cooking from scratch. While reading Heston Blumenthal at Home I’ve had a bunch of inspiration and have started trying a few things (though nothing too adventurous… yet). Hopefully I can keep that up.

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