Tonight We Fly

Tonight we fly!
Over the chimney tops, skylights and slates ,
Looking into all your lives,
And wondering why
Happiness is so hard to find?


Starting to wake up earlier again much to my annoyance. Probably not helped by young children waking at the crack of dawn and playing “quietly” with some very noisy toys. Not much to report on work-wise, the days have settled into the usual rhythm of meeting, meeting, meeting, maybe a little time to get something done, meeting, meeting. It’s fine.

In the afternoon I took delivery of Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch. Busy with work, I told the kids they should feel free to open the package, but they were completely unfussed, unusually. I wonder if the novelty of opening deliveries is beginning to wear thin. Didn’t actually get to try it out, though – by the time the kids were in bed it was time for the weekly drinks session on FaceTime, before heading to bed at the surprisingly civilised hour of 10:30am.


The rain’s getting worse; good though it is for the garden. The potato plants are going mad; they’re starting to get so tall they can’t support their own weight. I’ve started supporting them with string pinned into the fence behind them to stop them falling over, which seems to be working. We’re also getting a steady stream of strawberries from our few plants that we potted last year, though no more than a handful each time.

Sleeper, J. had a go at Ring Fit Adventure while I was on my lunch break, looked fun, so while J was catching up with some of her friends later on over Zoom I plugged the console into the TV upstairs and had a go at the first level. It’s more fun than Joe Wicks, probably because of the little dopamine hit from defeating the baddies.


The rain’s lifted a little, but it’s still too damp for the kids to play outside much, so I’m still putting up with noise and bickering from downstairs while I try to get my work done. One particular project team, who I’ll call Loki, are driving me crazy with last minute requests and completely different expectations to what they’d actually asked for. Happily for me I’ve been pushing everything onto R, my new Technical Product Owner, who started last week. He might not be so happy with this state of affairs.

Finished up the day with more Ring Fit, before getting J to cut my hair – the sooner the barbers re-open, the better- and watching more of The Umbrella Academy. We’re going to run out of that soon.


The sunflowers we planted a few weeks ago have been attacked by the local wildlife; one had a broken stalk a few days ago. Fortunately that one still had its seed leaves intact, so it’s had a bit of a setback but it’s survived. This morning I found another laying flat on the ground, though not entirely broken away from its roots. I’ve set it upright again using wooden kebab skewers as supports; hopefully it’ll recover. That’s not the extent of the damage, either – one of our fledgeling pumpkin plants has been utterly destroyed. I could do without foxes.

Finished up work at a sensible time, then played Just Dance with the kids for a bit before preparing a dinner of what-have-we-got-in-the-freezer. The original plan had been curry, but a badly damaged pack of chicken that went off way before it should have put paid to that. Both kids were exhausted and in bed not long after 7, so once again I got out Ring Fit, upping the difficulty a little and extending my session a bit longer than yesterday. This is getting to be addicting. Finished up with more Umbrella Academy; only one episode left.

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