He’ll Have To Stay

I am glad you’ve finally called me on the phone…
I’ve been waiting here tonight, but not alone.
You broke the date that we had made just yesterday;
Now there’s someone else who’s here, he’ll have to stay


Well, I wasn’t ready for that. With D out sick with a fever, the day started out well enough with the usual meetings. Then the wheels properly came off the wagon. My 11am, which was to discuss the upcoming production initiative, turned into the worst meeting I’ve been in for months, full of people asking questions they should have asked many months ago, and blaming me. R caught up with me straight afterward to express just how tough it had been, and sympathise.

The day didn’t get any better after that, ending a little late as a result of problems getting everyone in the same place at the same time for a meeting about a different project. By the time I turned the computer off and was ready for dinner, I was in a properly bad mood. The weather being what it was, I didn’t go out on my bike to reduce my stress levels, instead taking a mammoth hour-long Ring Fit session on. By the time I’d finished that I was somewhat calmer.


Met up with D, who was feeling a little better and apologetic for my plight yesterday. Spent the day discussing the platform architecture and next steps on the production project, grabbing some details from a friendly member of the architecture team on what the challenges are.

Finished the day in a less bad mood than I had been but still found time for more Ring Fit than I really should have; I’m now sporting carpet burns on my elbows from trying to hold a plank.


Spent some time going through the shopping list I’ve been given for things for the switch-on of the new project, and came up with a detailed plan, which D was delighted with; we’re going to present it together to the rest of the division on Monday.

This week it was my turn to host the team quiz; basing it off current events I thought I’d get decent scores. Nope; the winner scored 2/10. Seems like even when I’m trying not to pay too much attention to the news I take in more than most other people. I did at least get to slip a little bit of education into there with a question about Juneteenth.

No Ring Fit today, instead I was dragged into PE With Joe by the kids, one of whom then sat pretty much the entire thing out. That was tiring; I’m ready for the weekend

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