Well, I had this heart – It was made out of glass.
I gave it to you, and you said “This won’t last!”
Then you threw it out to the dogs in the street,
They crushed it under their dirty hind feet,
Picked up the pieces and threw them all out in the trash.

This time I’m lookin’ for:
Something i didn’t have before.
Somebody who will take up my time.
Somebody who won’t mess with my mind.

Bye, bye, leave me alone.
Don’t bother calling, I’ll never be home.


Let’s call this “first of the lockdown bank holidays”. Lazed around in bed until gone 8, when J reminded me it was forecast to be rather warm today and if I wanted to get some exercise in, it was probably sensible to do it early. Dragged the kids to the breakfast table and we finished off a bunch of the breakfast cereal. Tomorrow it’ll be weetabix or nothing. Headed out on the bike and got in a 20km ride, which was mostly uneventful apart from one close pass by an idiot in a convertible who was obviously not on his way to buy groceries, and a family who looked to be driving to a party with a car full of balloons. Sigh.

Played football with the kids in the garden before it got too warm, followed by a lunch of hot cross buns. Spent most of the afternoon sorting garden furniture, and remembering the problem with a west-facing garden is the lack of shade, especially in the warmer months. Managed to cook dinner without recourse to the oven then got the kids to bed with surprisingly little fuss.

Evening plans were another virtual pub meet up, this time attempting to use CAMRA’s own virtual pub, The Red (on)Lion. I’ve never drank in a pub called the Red Lion and liked it, and this one was no exception. The picture was blocky, it seemed not to work with half the attendees’ cameras or microphones and there was horrible noise on the audio half the time. Over the years, I’ve moved away from a lot of CAMRA’s aims, in no small part due to their attitude that cask beer is unbeatable, and their association with Wetherspoon pubs (and hence Tim Martin). Granted, last year’s GBBF had a lot of keg beer, but it’s a bit too little too late. We eventually gave up and moved to Zoom, where much silliness ensued, including daleks, porgs, assorted hats and on my part, a lei left over from a Hawaiian work party a few years back.


Somehow I’m on the list of “Ocado’s most loyal customers” so I get priority access over Joe Public (but behind the vulnerable customer list). Didn’t seem to help so much this morning. The delivery was supposed to be missing a couple of things according to their email: fresh sweetcorn and ice cream for the kids, neither of which are massively big deals. What I actually got delivered was missing pretty much everything that’s in short supply – including bananas, flour, toilet roll and hand wash refills. Most of which we can manage without for the next week, but only just. I suspect the driver had left a bag or two in the van as by the time I’d worked out what was missing it was already listed as “refunded” on their website, most perplexingly including our regular food bank donation. Grumbled about this on Twitter and they gave me a voucher to say sorry, which I’ll be spending on a bigger donation next time.

Spent the morning in the garden, mowing and ineffectually attempting to scarify the lawn. Not that I have any lawn seed if I do end up with massive bare patches anyway. The afternoon was mostly persuading the kids to go for a walk; there’s a road not far from here where every single house near enough is doing the “bear hunt” thing; it killed an hour and despite the whining, it did them good to get out for a bit. Didn’t see many folk out, and of those we did, everyone was being sensible about distance. On our return, fired up the BBQ for the first time this year, for burgers, wings and grilled peppers. We ate outside, the heat of the day fading. Glorious weather, hopefully it will stay like this for a while.